General InformationEdit

Experience: 5+ years Current Status: Active

Element: Fire/Inferno

Secondary Element: Dark/Shadow
Fighting Rank (FSI): S Most famous for:

Fighting Statistics

VMK Titles(s): PrinceLyon, kingnoel

VFK Titles(s): PrinceLyon

Joined VMK: 1 December 2005

Joined VFK: 22 May 2008

Basic Information Edit

Began RP/Fighting: Mid-December 2005

Roleplaying Title (with honorifics): By Her Bestowal, King of the Realms of T'ranak, Tertiary King of the VMK Castle, Fleet Admiral of Tiger Kingdom, Duke of the New World Saints, Grand Adviser of Dream Kingdom, Guardian of the Realms, General of Silver Dragon Army, Captain of the Blue Diamond, Lieutenant of VMK Army, The Scourge, his inexorbitant majesty: Lyonhardt Sylvais Enkanaan de Furianel

Roleplaying Title (without honorifics): Lyon Sylvais Enkanaan


Hair Type (length, as well): Slightly below shoulders

Hair Color: Albescent

Eye Color: Sanguine Crimson

Height: 6'3

Weight: 186 lbs.

Complexion: Caucasian

Body Type: Slender, somewhat muscular

Status: Alive

Roleplaying/Fighting HistoryEdit

Lyon Sylvais Enkanaan is/was an influential roleplaying/fighting figure throughout VMK and VFK. Beginning as a lowly-tiered soldier in AceFalcons' army, Lyon gradually formed his own army - the Silver Dragon Army. Despite the army's brief existence, Lyon guided several individuals against MisterJason's VMK Army, albeit to little avail. After the tumultuous wars against MisterJason had ceased, the eager Lyon was offered a respectable position in VMK Army. Eventually, VMK Army was dissolved, and Lyon returned to his former army. During this era, the first portents An audacious idea was conjured by TropicalDude: the creation of one of the first militaristic castle societies.

Throughout his myriad escapades, Lyon has received a tremendous amount of attention from many roleplaying societies.

Renowned for:

  • Blood Magic (An original user)
  • Mentor
  • Best Fighter/Roleplayer (At one period of time)
  • Sublime mastery in Blacksmithing and Alchemistry
  • Varying positions in society
  • Concoctions of Fire and Dark magic
  • First-wave Advanced Fighter

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