Welcome to Project: Fantasy!Edit

Welcome to Project: Fantasy! We’re a collaborative community that desires to capture and/or clarify the aspects of the Roleplaying/Fighting of VMK and VFK. Through the completion of this extremely awarding project, this community also aims to manipulate this Wiki for nostalgic uses. Eventually, I wish to see this Wiki as a thorough and accurate summary of the aforementioned subjects. We encourage any individuals that would fancy joining our epic journey to review the following guidelines!

I. Brief Bylaws and NoticesEdit

A. Grammar, Spelling, Word UsageEdit

1. Grammar- it is expected to be flawless; there should be very few grammatical errors in your rough drafts

2. For spelling- any possibilties for error should be distant and irrelevant issues to the writers

3. When considering word usage, one should refer to the appropriate vocabulary employed on

B. Acceptable ContentEdit

1. User descriptions- these are for any significant individuals in Roleplaying/Fighting History

2. Important events- these shouldn't involve any reality-based issues, but relate to VMK and VFK's Roleplaying/Fighting History

3. Roleplaying information- this includes but is not limited to: The myriad fighting styles, elements of magic, history, et cetera

C. ConductEdit

1. In general, restrictions upon behavior will be rather lenient- still, any discussions with others should not avail further than a PG-13 rating

Describe your topicEdit

Write a description about your topic. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it.

Latest activityEdit

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